Synergetics Collaborative Symposium on Design Science: Art Show Submission

Guidelines for Submission of Work to be Exhibited at RISD in conjunction with the November 2009 "Design Science: Nature's Problem Solving Method" Symposium

There will be space in the Waterman Gallery and The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab for exhibiting 2-D and 3-D pieces and digital art. To be included in the art show, you must submit an Art Show Submission Form (below) or equivalently send an e-mail with the required information to Although the show will be juried for suitability, we hope to encourage broad participation by accepting as many pieces as possible. If the available space is exceeded by the early submissions, we will have to limit the number of larger pieces on display.


Application Deadline: 25 October 2009
Delivery Deadline: physical delivery by 29 October 2009
Note: notification necesary for hand deliveries

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance of art work will be at the discretion of the curating committee.

Design Science Art Show Submission Form

First Name:
Last Name:
E-Mail Address:
Bio highlighting areas of interest or expertise (less than 150 words):
Title (optional):
Media (2-D, 3-D, DVD, etc.) and Dimensions:
Description of the work (Optional: please include 1) the central geometric/synergetic/morphological concept; 2) reason for creation; 3) date work was completed; 4) what was learned):
Special Display or Installation Requirements (optional):

Liability Disclaimer: Note: Neither RISD nor the Synergetics Collaborative can accept responsibility for any lost or damaged pieces. Notice of non-insurance by the organizers.
Security Description: There will be Student Monitoring of the Gallery area during the day and evening and Card Access during late hours.

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