[SNEC] Symposium Proposals Deadline extended to 4/14; Fuller in Cracow 9/16-18

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Thu Apr 4 13:41:33 EDT 2019

The RISD Nature Lab, RISD Fleet Library, and Synergetics Collaborative are
pleased to announce an open call for proposals for the the upcoming 6th
Biennial Design Science Symposium: Inclusive Narratives from Nature. The
event will bring together multiple speakers and workshop/breakout session
leaders that explore varied approaches to a holistic relationship with
nature and natural systems, sustainable|nature inspired making, and
community development.

We invite artists, designers, makers, scientists, farmers, social
scientists, educators, botanists, community leaders, historians, writers,
and collaborators to submit an abstract (1 page maximum) that emphasizes
how your work fits within any of the following themes:

1. Ways of Knowing—Challenging Predominant Understanding of
2. Current and Future Communities
3. Rebuilding Solidarity with Nature
4. Equitable Technology
5. Narratives—Valuing Cultural Inclusion

Proposal Submissions Deadline extended to April 14th, 2019

Visit http://designscience.risd.edu to submit a proposal

Due to limited slots, all proposals will be juried

Please share amongst your colleagues, friends, and anyone you know who
would be interested in submitting a proposal or attending the event.

The Design Science Symposium will take place from September 20th–21st,

Design Science Symposium participant and presenter Waldemar Bober
informs me that just before the Design Science Symposium, in Krakow,
Poland from September 16th–18th, 2019, there will be a conference:
"Inside Out / Outside In: Building Bridges between the Arts, Humanities
and Technology". Here is his announcement:

The Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Science and
Technology, is pleased to invite you to ‘Fuller in Krakow’ – an
event hosted by theatre Minatura in Krakow on 16–18 September 2019.
The event will be devoted to the legacy of Buckminster Fuller –
american visionary and architect – and will consist of two parts: a
theatrical performance and an academic conference. The play, entitled
R. Buckminster Fuller: the History (and Mystery) of the Universe, is
a monodrama by D.W. Jacobs inspired by the life, works and writing of
Fuller. In its turn, the academic conference, addressed both to engineers
and humanists, is intended to spark a discussion about the challenges
of our contemporary civilisation – we especially welcome proposals
of innovative technological solutions that refer in some way to the
achievements of Buckminster Fuller, which we hope to combine with a
humanistic reflection on the risks and chances, posed and offered, by
rapid technological advancement. Inspired by the legacy of Fuller, we
wish to connect humanistically inclined engineers with those humanists
who investigate the intimidating and enchanting world of technology
in order to confront our visions, define common points, and launch a
discussion aimed at indicating approaches, values and solutions worth
promoting in the universe of technological innovation.

The organisers plan to publish the papers delivered at the conference,
as well as the book of abstracts. Proposals in English should be submitted
by 15 July 2019. All papers will be delivered and published in English.

See the conference web site at https://fuller-in-cracow.pl

"The subjective and objective always and only coexist and therewith
demonstrate the inherent plurality of unity: inseparable union."
R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 1013.16 http://synergetics.info/s10/p1230.html#1013.16

CJ Fearnley                         |  Executive Director
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