[SNEC] Synergetics Collaborative and Father Magnus Wenninger (1919-2017)

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Thu Feb 23 14:15:59 EST 2017

At the Symposium "STEM to STEAM thru Synergy" at RISD in 2014, we screened
Christopher Zelov's film "A Visit with Magnus".

The subject of the film, Father Magnus Wenninger (1919-2017),
passed away last week. His obituary may be read at

Joe Clinton produced a 14 minute biographical sketch of Father Magnus at

I asked filmmaker Christopher Zelov about his recollections in making
the film of Father Magnus for our event. He responded with the following:

It was a unique honor to make a film about Father Magnus for the
Synergetics Collaborative. He was a rare human being who kept his
mind agile and animated though the continuous creation approach to his
synergetic geometry model-making.

I reckon Magnus is short for: Magnanimous. Which involves the virtue of
being of great mind and heart. Going back to Aristotle it is identified as
a crowning virtue of a great soul. Someone who lives for a noble purpose.

May we all celebrate his life, and learn from his magnificent work.

Christopher Zelov
February 23, 2017

A trailer (4 minutes) and other information about Zelov's film
"A Visit with Magnus" may be seen at

To purchase a DVD or digital copy for $12, contact him at knossus at ptd.net
or call him at 484-554-4710.

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