[SNEC] Fifth Design Science Symposium at RISD in 2016; Videos

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The Synergetics Collaborative and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
are actively discussing the Fifth Design Science Symposium at RISD. We
are looking at dates in 2016. We expect to finalize and announce the
date early next year.

One of the highlights from the Fourth Design Science Symposium
at RISD in 2014 was Christopher Zelov's film "A Visit with Magnus
(What Can you learn from a Monk?)". A trailer for the film is at
To arrange screenings or purchase a copy of the documentary (Zelov
has agreed to share revenues from the film with the Synergetics
Collaborative), contact Christopher Zelov at Knossus at ptd.net or call:

I had the pleasure of sitting for two one-hour sessions of the TV program
"Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer". Harold is a Buckminster
Fuller champion and asked some penetrating questions. We talked about
Synergetics and Design Science and many other Bucky topics. Since few
things I write or speak come out fully baked, I wrote some wide-ranging
addenda which you can read (and watch the videos) here:

I hope my thoughts in the videos and my addenda on Synergetics
and Design Science
will spur discussion on those two subjects in particular. What
is Design Science? And what is the role of Synergetics and Design
Science? Please share any comments or questions you may have. Post
your thoughts in the comments section (or send me e-mail) here:

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The most important fact about Spaceship Earth:
an instruction manual didn't come with it.
--- R. Buckminster Fuller

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