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There are a two interesting Bucky events in the next five days. A design
science webinar on Fri. Oct. 11th at 11 a.m. EDT and a Symposium in
Philadelphia on Oct 14th from 4-8PM. Also, please remember the Design
Science Symposium at RISD early next year. Read on for the details on
all three events.

On Friday October 11th at 11 a.m. EDT there will be a webinar on design
science. The key speaker is Medard Gabel. Mr. Gabel will talk about
Fuller's Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science, including what he
learned from Buckminster Fuller about "design science" and its importance,
utility, relevance and connections to other disciplines. He will update
us on what is happening at the Design Science Lab. There will also be
short interviews with two Bucky related Kickstarters: Cole Gerst and
the Poet of Geometry book, and Noel Murphy with The Last Dymaxion film.

Medard Gabel is director of the Design Science Lab, and former
executive director of the World Game Institute, a UN-affiliated NGO.
He worked with Buckminster Fuller for 12 years where he learned the
power and utility of whole systems thinking, global perspectives and a
good sense of humor. Mr. Gabel has been designing, developing, and
delivering experiential educational programs since 1970. He is
currently the CEO of BigPictureSmallWorld and BigPicture Consulting,
and is the author of six books on global problems, resources and
strategies, the global energy situation, the global food situation,
the U.S. food system, planning, and multinational corporations.

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The "Fuller in Philadelphia Symposium" will be held on Monday, October 14,
2013 (one week from Monday!) from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM at Drexel's ExCITe
Center, 3401 Market St., Philadelphia. The event is free. Registration

The program includes 3 talks and a workshop with Joe Clinton:
 * Eva Diaz: Screening the Cold War
 * Tim Wessels: Fuller in Phila: The Last Decade
 * Mimi Sheller: Emergence by Emergency and Sustainability Today
 * Joseph D. Clinton: The Dance of a "Jitterbug" Triangle Tesselation:
     a hands-on design workshop

More information is available from the event home page:

To Register for the event:

In other news, University City Science Center is celebrating its 50th
anniversary in 2013. They mention Bucky prominently as an important
figure in the institution's history. Watch the 4 minute video here:

Please remember to save the dates from Fri 31 Jan - Sun 2 Feb
2014 for our 4th Biennial Design Science Symposium at RISD
with the theme "STEM to STEAM thru Synergy: Bridging
Morphology, Biomimicry, Sustainability, and Synergetics":

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