[SNEC] RBF Challenge; dMASS; Design Science Symposium: Presenters

CJ Fearnley cjf at SynergeticsCollaborative.org
Tue Jun 28 10:57:45 EDT 2011

The Third Biennial Design Science Symposium at RISD will be held on
11-13 Nov 2011.  The theme this year will be "Nature, Geometry, and
the Symmetry of Space: Tetrahedron Discovers Itself and Universe".
More information about the event is on the event home page at

The following presenters are confirmed:
   John Belt              Caryn Johnson          Lefteris Pavlides
   Michael Ben-Eli        Samuel Lanahan         Peter Pearce      
   Russell Chu            Amy Leidtke            Paul Sproll       
   Joe Clinton            Kyna Leski             Edward Suzuki         
   Carl Fasano            George Mokray          Thomas T. K. Zung 
   John Hiigli            Jim Nystrom

To participate in the Call For Artists, please read the instructions at

To register to attend, please follow the instructions at

Blue Ventures (http://challenge.bfi.org/winner_2011) is the 2011 winner
of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge.  More information is available at

dMASS (http://www.dmass.net/) is a recent initiative building on
Bucky's "Doing More With Less" theme.  Their award winning video
"Design Matters: Doing Better with Less" is worth a look at

The most important fact about Spaceship Earth:
an instruction manual didn't come with it.
--- R. Buckminster Fuller

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