[SNEC] Broadcast of the Symmetry Festival via Internet

Gyorgy Darvas darvasg at helka.iif.hu
Sun Jul 26 15:20:26 EDT 2009

Dear Colleague!

The Symmetry Festival 2009 takes place in Budapest, 31 July - 5 
August http://symmetry.hu/

I am happy to inform you that you can

watch all plenary events of the Symmetry Festival 2009 on-line, real-time
Central European Time (GMT +2),
Morning August 1 - Afternoon August 4

Please, inform your colleagues about this opportunity, too.

Have a good time,
Gyorgy Darvas

P.S. Apologies, if you received this message in multiple copies.

<http://conferences.hu/symmetry2009/>Symmetry Festival 
<http://conferences.hu/symmetry2009/>2009, Program, 
Foreword to the Symmetry Festival 2009
<http://symmetry.hu/coming-meetings.html>Symmetry   Festival   2009, 
     Budapest,      31 July  -  5 August
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