[SNEC] Summer Workshop in Oswego, NY, July 11-12 (and other news)

CJ Fearnley cjf at SynergeticsCollaborative.org
Tue Jun 2 09:48:42 EDT 2009

We invite you to join us on July 11 & 12 in Oswego, NY for
                  "A Synergetics Sampler"
and to celebrate Bucky Fuller's 114th birthday during the Synergetics
Collaborative's Seventh Annual Summer Workshop in Oswego, NY.

The program includes Don Richter, Dr. Cheryl Clark, Phil Bishop, Al
McMahon, Jim Juczak, and others discussing such topics as The Structure
of Thinking, Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio, Autonomous Housing, Applied
Design Science, and Forming a Design Company for a Sustainable Future.
To find out more including registration information, please visit the
event web page at

The Arena Stage wants to hear your Bucky story:
   On June 3, 2010 (next year), the Arena Stage in Crystal City
   (Arlington, VA) will open their performance of "R. Buckminster Fuller:
   The History (and Mystery) of the Universe", written and directed by
   D. W. Jacobs.

   The Arena Stage would like you to tell them what you know of
   the prophetic man.  How do you know Bucky?  How does his work
   influence you?  Share your Bucky story with them.  Submit entries
   to bucky at arenastage.org.

"Mega Engineering: Dome Over Houston" will premiere on Monday, June 8
(next Monday) at 8 PM Eastern on the Discovery Channel.  It will be
followed by two more "Mega Engineering" episodes: "Bering Strait Tunnel"
and "City at Sea."

To arrange for your artifacts to be on display in the Waterman Gallery
during our November Symposium on "Design Science: Nature's Problem Solving
Method" at RISD, please fill out an Art Show Registration form here:

If you plan to be in Chicago this Fri - Sun at one of the BFI events
drop me a line so we can meet.

There is only one revolution tolerable to all men, all societies, all
political systems:  revolution by design and invention.
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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