[SNEC] Symposium on "Design Science" Nov 14-15 2009, RISD, Providence, RI

CJ Fearnley cjf at Synergeticists.org
Mon Mar 2 18:56:15 EST 2009

Please save the dates November 14 & 15th 2009 for our next Symposium.

The Synergetics Collaborative and The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at Rhode
Island School of Design (RISD) are organizing a symposium on

    "Design Science: Nature's Problem Solving Method"

in Providence, RI on Nov 14 & 15th 2009.  We are again planning to have
an art show in the Waterman Gallery (the opening for the art show will
be on Thursday 12 November 2009).  More details will follow.

The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab is featured in a recent write-up in
I.D. Magazine (International Design Magazine).  The article is on-line
at http://www.id-mag.com/article/risd/

If you haven't seen the write-up on our 2008 Sixth Summer Workshop
on "Geodesic Structures" in the Sunday, 13 July 2008 edition of the
Post-Standard (Syracuse's daily newspaper), it is still on-line at

Please save the weekend of Nov 14 & 15th to attend the Synergetics
Collaborative's 5th Symposium and our 2nd with RISD's Edna Lawrence
Nature Lab.  I look forward to seeing you in November!

Design science is more than the application of engineering and
technology. It is more than a plan or a design. Design science means
the total responsibility and capability for development, production,
and distribution - of not just a product - but a total service system
on a worldwide basis.
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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