[SNEC] Build a Dome for Bucky's Birthday: save the dates

CJ Fearnley cjf at Synergeticists.org
Tue Feb 12 21:15:32 EST 2008

This year, the Synergetics Collaborative's Sixth Annual Summer Workshop
in Oswego, NY will occur around Bucky's birthday:  July 12th.  The theme
of the workshop will be

                     "Build a Dome for Bucky's Birthday"

We have not finalized the exact dates, but they will fall within the
range July 10th - 15th.  So save those dates!

We hope to launch a home page for the workshop soon.

Check our web site http://synergeticists.org/ for the latest information.

We are on a spaceship; a beautiful one.  It took billions of years to develop.
We're not going to get another.  Now, how do we make this spaceship work?
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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