[SNEC] Schedule for the Workshop on Quantum Building: June 22-24

CJ Fearnley cjf at CJFearnley.com
Wed Jun 13 14:25:55 EDT 2007

The (tentative) schedule for the Summer Workshop on Quantum Building:
The First 28 Most-Efficient-Minimum Geometrical Systems is now available:

If you want to attend but have not registered, please fill out the
registration form now:

If you filled out the registration form, but have not mailed a check to cover
the costs, please send your check to
  Synergetics Collaborative
  240 Copley Road
  Upper Darby, PA 19082

If you plan to bring display items to the event (strongly encouraged!),
please let John Belt <belt at oswego.edu> know the number and size of the
items you plan to exhibit.

If you need to make housing arrangements, details about options for
accommodations are here:

To all those who are coming to the Workshop:  I look forward to meeting
you on Friday 22 June at 7 PM at the reception!

If you need directions to the reception, reply to this message.

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