[SNEC] Next Weekends Symposium; Buckminster Fuller in the News

CJ Fearnley cjf at CJFearnley.com
Sun Nov 13 21:28:29 EST 2005

Everyone who has paid should have received an e-ticket.  Let me know if there
are any oversights.

There are several seats left.  But if you or someone you know is planning
to register on-site, recognize that we may run out of seats (due to the
Fire Marshall's limit for the room's capacity).  To ensure you get a seat,
fill out the on-line registration form at

I updated the Buckminster Fuller In the News site with news items from May -
August.  One of the items discusses the work of one of the registered
attendees, David McConville.  Check out the News site:

Here are blurbs of the new items:
  1. (31 August 2005; Blogcritics.org) Buckminster Fuller's Experiment: What
     CAN One Person Accomplish? Laura Young blogs about the "Guinea Pig B"
  2. (24 August 2005; PR Newswire) Josiah McElheny Sculpture Purchased By
     Tulsa Museum discusses Josiah McElheny's Landscape Model for Total Reflective
     Abstraction, (V) 2004 which was inspired by a conversation between Fuller and
  3. (18 August 2005; Asheville Citizen-Times) Digital artist builds on
     Buckys geodesic vision is an article about David McConville.
  4. (3 August 2005; Lansing State Journal) Thinker long had answers for
     world's pressing problems is an op-ed piece featuring Buckminster Fuller.
  5. (25 July 2005; Art Daily) Buckminster Fuller Photographs On View.
  6. (4 July 2005; Honolulu Star-Bulletin) Skygate sole sculpture by Noguchi
     in Hawaii mentions the Noguchi-Fuller connection.
  7. (19 June 2005; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette) For some Minnesota families,
     there's no place like dome.
  8. (31 May 2005; WorldChanging) Spaceship Earth, the Game a posting by Jon
     Lebkowsky discusses a massively multiplayer online game based on Fuller's
  9. (17 May 2005; Voice of America) WALKER Art Center Gets Makeover
     discusses The Critical Path, a 14-minute animated documentary about architect,
     inventor and visionary Buckminster Fuller was created by Benita Raphan.
 10. (23 April 2005; Minneapolis Star Tribune) AFTER tornado, there's no
     place like dome.
 11. (27 May 2005; Palo Alto Weekly) Dancing queen At 80, dancer Chloe Scott
      is still on her toes discusses Scott and her dance group Dymaxion.

It is not for me to change you.  The question is, how can I be of service
to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom?
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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