[SNEC] News Release: "Synergetics in the Arts" Symposium on November 19 and 20

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Wed Oct 19 21:08:29 EDT 2005

For Immediate Release

Date: 19 October 2005
Contact: CJ Fearnley
Phone: 610 352 7086
Postal mail: Synergetics Collaborative; 240 Copley Road; Upper Darby, PA 19082-4016
E-mail: press at synergeticists.org
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The Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC) will present its third annual
symposium "Synergetics in the Arts" on November 19 and 20 at the Noguchi
Museum, 32037 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, NY.  A juried art show
will be included.

The variety of topics, presenters from around the world, and art work
exhibited will demonstrate the broad influence in the arts of Synergetics,
the system of holistic thinking developed by Buckminster Fuller.

The Noguchi Museum was chosen for this year's symposium because of
Buckminster Fuller's close relationship with Isamu Noguchi during their

The event will open with an historical retrospective of Black Mountain
College, of which Fuller was a part. Noted panel members include Mary
Emma Harris, Arthur Penn, Shoji Sadao, and Thomas Zung. Bonnie DeVarco,
USA, will present "Art, Science and the Geometry of the Sphere".
Edward Suzuki, Japan, will present "Atommetrics: Another View of Atomic
Structure Based on Electron Orbital Geometry".  Michael Burt, Technion,
Israel Institute of Technology, will present "The Periodic Table of
the Polyhedral Universe".  Caspar Schwabe, Switzerland, will present
"Synergetic Serendipity".  Joseph D. Clinton, USA, will present "A
Global Humanitarian Networking Center", Victor Acevedo, New York, will
present "Art of The Void Matrix", George W. Hart, New York, "Synergetics
in Sculpture".  Donald Ingber, Harvard Medical School, will present
"The Relevance of Tensegrity Architecture for Biology and Medicine",
Chuck Hoberman, New York, will present "Transformability", and Allegra
Snyder, Fuller's daughter, USA, will present "Synergetics and Dance".
See http://synergeticists.org/snec.announce.meeting.2005.11.html for
up-to-date details about the event.

Limited seating is available.  Pre-registration is required.  See
http://synergeticists.org/registration.html for details.

About the Synergetics Collaborative
The Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC) was founded in 2002 as an
organization to bring together a diverse group of people with an interest
in Synergetics in face-to-face workshops, symposia, seminars, pow-wows,
and other ad-hoc and planned meetings to better understand the many facets
of Synergetics, its methods and principles.  SNEC is in the process of
applying to be a non-profit educational organization.   For more information
refer to www.synergeticists.org.

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