[SNEC] planning meeting on 9 Oct (November Symposium and Synergetics Dictionary)

CJ Fearnley cjf at CJFearnley.com
Thu Sep 29 23:01:26 EDT 2005

The Synergetics Collaborative needs help to
  1.  Arrange details for our "Synergetics in the Arts" Symposium
      * Evaluate art show submissions
      * And many other tasks
  2.  Organize the digitization and Internet publication of Ed Applewhite's
      "Synergetics Dictionary"
  3.  Build the SNEC organization

On October 9th from 10 AM - 5 PM we will meet to address these and other
concerns (we will discuss Synergetics too, of course).  People are welcome
to attend via teleconference or in person (the location will be in the
Philadelphia, PA, USA area).

Those interested in helping should subscribe to the SNEC-Planning mailing
list where further details will be posted next week:

Or reply to this message to let me know of your interests.

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