[SNEC] Buckminster Fuller In The News: Updates covering 15 Feb - 30 Mar

CJ Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Fri, 13 May 2005 22:12:15 -0400

I posted 8 articles dated 17 Feb to 24 Mar on The Buckminster Fuller In
The News web page.

   (24 Mar 2005; Designerz.com - Dawsonville, GA) Hong Kong arts
   centre a battleground for world's top architects; the design is loosely
   based on a Fuller dome

   (22 Mar 2005; KSDK - St. Louis, MO) Lots Of Money Spent, But Mary
   Brown Center Still Not Open In East St. Louis; Fuller designed the dome
   (with pictures)

   (19 Mar 2005; Canada Western Catholic Reporter, Edmonton, Alberta)
   Life of the planet or life of the poor? -- Suzanne Elston; includes a
   several paragraph discussion of GENI and Fuller

   (14 Mar 2005; PR Newswire via Yahoo!) Blown and Etched Glass
   McElheny Landscape Exhibit Opens March 20; this news release has a
   paragraph and a half about Fuller and Noguchi

   (13 Mar 2005; WDIV, Detroit, MI) Discover Camps At The Henry Ford;
   Eighth graders will be introduced to Fuller's work and others

   (11 Mar 2005; The Southern, Carbondale, IL) On the endangered
   list: State preservation group says Tuscan Lodge needs to be saved;
   mentions the success of the "Bucky Dome" fundraising effort

   (22 Feb 2005; Village Voice) Disorient Express Eric Richards makes
   sensuous love to his peculiar sounds; mentions formative experience with

   (17 Feb 2005; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Smithsonian show celebrates
   sculptor Isamu Noguchi; mentions friendship with Fuller

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