[SNEC] 15 May: Field Structure Theory Seminar (w/ planning mtg; potluck)

CJ Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Thu, 5 May 2005 22:45:04 -0400

The date for the rescheduled seminar from January (cancelled due to a
snow storm) is May 15.  Here is the announcement with the new date.

                Synergeticists of the NorthEast Corridor

                        Presents A SNEC Seminar
    * * *                         on                          * * *
                 Don Briddell's Field Structure Theory

  Sunday 15 May 2005 from 10 AM - 5 PM

Theme/Topic:  Don Briddell's Field Structure Theory.  There is a description at

Seminar Fee:  Bring Potluck

  10 AM -  11  AM  SNEC Organization Planning Meeting
  11 AM -  1   PM  SNEC Social/Reception and Potluck
  1  PM - 1:45 PM  Introduction to Field Structure Theory by Don Briddell
  2  PM - 2:45 PM  New Developments in Field Structure Theory by Don Briddell
  3  PM - 3:45 PM  Discussion and Analysis of Field Structure Theory by
                   Joe Clinton, Roger Tobie, et. al.
  4  PM -   5  PM  Discussion on other Participants' Synergetics Research,
                   Thoughts and Initiatives

  Don Briddell's Studio in Mt. Airy, Maryland
  There is only space for 10-12 people, please RSVP to
  Or fill out the on-line registration at
  We will send directions to registered participants.

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