[SNEC] Summary of Comments Received about Re-naming SNEC

CJ Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 18:56:19 -0500

Thank you all for contributing to my request for comments on renaming
SNEC!  This was not democratic, so some people have two votes recorded.
And being an out-of-the box group, you all doubled the size of the list
with new suggestions!  At least one of these was intended as a joke by
the submitter, I left it in to preserve the integrity of all comments
received.  I edited for spelling, clarity, and brevity.  If some of
these names / comments / ideas impress you, let me know.

List of proposed names for SNEC:
  Synergetics Collaborative (rt, hm, ja)
  The Synergeticists (tz, pm)
  Synergetics Collective (tz, va)
  Synergetics Coalition (rt, jn)
  Synergetics Connections (bl)
  Synergetic or Sinergetic Connections (bc)
  Synergetics Co-operative (am)
  The Synergetics Association (hb)
  Association for Synergetics Research and Applications (hb)
  Association for Synergetics Applications (hb)
  The Synergetics Group (rn)
  Sinergetic Convergences (bc)
  Synergetic Structures (bc)
  Synergy Collaborative (db)
  Synergy Group (db)
  Synergetics Central (ku)
  Synergetics Cabal (ku)
  Synergetic Collaborators (tc)
  Synergetics Aggregate (jd)
  Synergetics Cohort

Synergetics Collaborative leads in the non-democratic voting.  It might
even be best, I haven't decided yet.  The educational function SNEC
serves plus our interest in including scientists (as hb argues below)
suggest that maybe we can do better.  Of course, we must acknowledge
Fuller's artistic and architectural roots as well.  Synergetics, to me,
is more than science, art, or architecture.  It also evokes action: a
"critical path" to make the world better.  Maybe SNEC ought to transcend
the limitations of historical models of scientific and professional
organizations and prototype the way to a new type of organization that
is scientific, professional, arty, and incisively effective for 100%
of humanity.  Also, the concepts of design and engineering are, to me,
intrinsic to "Synergetics".  Anyone want to tackle these objectives in
naming our group?  And try to preserve the SNEC acronym, too?

Comments received:

- I like the Synergetics Group better than any of the others.  I like the
  word association even better.  I have been thinking a lot about
  finding ways to bring Synergetics into the mainstream scientific
  community.  So that means the name should represent what we would
  like to communicate to that community.  Bucky used to say that he
  wore a suit to look like a banker (an image that at the time to him
  epitomized mainstream).  So I think the two ideas to communicate are 1)
  serious/professional and 2) open to those who want to share.

  The Synergetics Association would do.  Even better might be something
  like: Association for Synergetics Research and Applications or
  Association for Synergetics Applications -- hb

- I like the Synergeticists, but i think that Synergeticists are what
  you call people who are in the Synergetics Collective.

  I also thought about the term Synergetian (as in musician or magician
  - these being more arty terms but there is the term mathematician)
  while Synergeticist is like scientist...more technical.  Each has its
  place based on context of use.

  Art movement names I have thought of over the years have been
  Synergeticism or Dymaxionism or Dymaxion Planarism - although isms
  have a 20th century ring to them...  -- va

- My vote is for the Synergeticists. It's not really that hard to spell
  since the ending is pretty much what you'd expect. I like it because
  it's one word and pretty much to the point. The hard part of the word
  is really the synergy part but I think we've already created the filter
  that keeps anyone who doesn't know what synergy is, or doesn't try to
  find out, from finding out what it's about. -- pm

- I am all for "The Synergetics Cooperative".  Here is why.  I have
  spent the last 15 years learning about the power of cooperatives
  as a structured unit.  The principles of cooperatives are amazing.
  They allow for autonomy and united purpose.

  I believe that the initial interpretation of the word 'cooperative'
  by people being introduced to the group presents an understanding of a
  gathering of people and forces working together.  I also believe that
  it has an underlying meaning that, with time, will allow the group to
  move in a united direction.  Of course that direction is guided
  by the group and must be defined by the group at a later time.

  I want to add that I am seriously behind this group regardless of the
  name picked.  If people feel that another name will better convey or
  market the principles of group, I'm all for it!!  -- am

- I still favor the more pronounceable:  Synergy Collaborative

  Markets know the names that work best, sounds good because the user can get
  their mind around it without having to think it through. Synergetics and
  definitely Synergeticists are a mouth full and difficult with constant
  effort. Synergy says it plain and easy. Second choice is Synergy Group,
  but shy from that because it sounds like there is some sort of legal
  entity or closed group. Collaborative has an open and inclusiveness
  about it that I like.  -- db

- I like: Synergetics Central
  Rhymes with 'Grand Central Station' which has index entries in
  'Synergetics': 410.03, 410.05, 986.121, 986.452, 1053.822 -- ku

- I would be split between Synergetic Collaborators, Synergetics
  Cooperative, and Synergetics Coalition -- tc

- "Synergetics Connections" has an intriguing double-entendre...
  "Unity is plural and at minimum two." -RBF
  -- bl

Reference:  My post that started this discussion is at

If you read this far, please send me a note with your thoughts and
vote(s).  Thanks.

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to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom?
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