[SNEC] Buckminster Fuller In The News: Updates from Jan 8 - 15 Feb

CJ Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 22:17:33 -0500

I posted 14 articles from 12 Jan to 15 Feb on The Buckminster Fuller In
The News web page, 10 new items were posted tonight.

Site Updated 16 February 2005

   (15 Feb 2005; Washington Post) Eclectic Author Edmund Applewhite Dies an obituary of
   Fuller's long time collaborator and SNEC member, Ed Applewhite

   (15 Feb 2005; Art Daily) Robert Rauschenberg from the Permanent Collection an article
   on Rauschenberg mentions his Black Mountain experience with Fuller

   (11 Feb 2005; Pittsburgh Business Times, Pittsburgh, PA) Garfield prefers
   prefabricated building approach an article on pre-fab construction mentions Fuller's
   work in the field

   (11 Feb 2005; Washington Post) Deft Benefits: Isamu Noguchi Played It Safe, but His
   Touch Was Sure an article that mentions the Fuller-Noguchi relationship

   (10 Feb 2005; RedNova News) The Theory of Tensegrity and School/College Collaboration
   in Music Education an article by Mitchell Robinson

   (9 Feb 2005; AP via Yahoo! News) Smithsonian Show Celebrates Sculptor an AP piece
   mentions the Noguchi-Fuller connection (the Seattle Post Intelligencer also carried
   this piece)

   (9 Feb 2005; Albany Times Union, Albany, NY) Architect George Dudley diesA Fuller
   quote in appreciation of George Dudley appears in this obituary (The Charlotte
   Observer also carried this piece)

   (30 Jan 2005; Staten Island Advance, Staten Island, NY) On war and peace (mostly
   peace) an article about war and peace quotes Fuller

   (28 Jan 2005; Artnet, New York, NY) Noguchi at 100 an article about the Noguchi
   centenary mentions Noguchi's bust of Buckminster Fuller and their relationship

   (28 Jan 2005; The Eureka Reporter, Eureka, CA) Students test disaster shelters is a
   piece on a World Shelters project to send emergency shelter to Indonesia

Site Updated 22 January 2005

   (22 Jan 2005; San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, CA) A book review on freeing
   slaves starts with a description of Fuller's Trimtab idea

Site Updated 17 January 2005

   (15 Jan 2005; Queens Chronicle, Queens, NY) An article on fun activities in Queens
   mentions the geodesic aviary designed by Buckminster Fuller for the 1964-65 Worlds

   (11 Jan 2005; Colts Neck News Transcript, Colts Neck, NJ) New Jersey 4th grade student
   chooses Buckminster Fuller for "Invention Convention" presentation

Site Updated 13 January 2005

   (12 Jan 2005; MaineToday.com, Portland, ME) Futurist August Jaccaci with ties to
   Buckminster Fuller will speak in Portland, ME on January 28

It is not for me to change you.  The question is, how can I be of service
to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom?
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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