[SNEC] Buckminster Fuller In The News: Updates from Dec 19 - Jan 8

CJ Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Sat, 8 Jan 2005 11:15:56 -0500

The Buckminster Fuller In The News web page was updated six times
between 19 Dec and 8 Jan:

Site Updated 8 January 2005

  (8 Jan 2004; Los Angeles Times (subscription), Los Angeles, CA)
  The "dream" homes of Buckminster Fuller and others are introduce a
  piece titled "The House of Today, Tomorrow"

Site Updated 6 January 2005

  (27 Dec 2004; Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Fairbanks, AK) Six
  paragraph discussion on Buckminsterfullerene in a larger piece called
  "What's in a name?"

Site Updated 31 December 2004

  (31 Dec 2004; Seattle Times, Seattle, WA) Cindy Loose's review
  of the Henry Ford Museum including a mention of Fuller's prefab
  house which is on display (this is a reprint of the Concord Times'
  piece which we referenced on 6 Dec)

Site Updated 22 December 2004

  (22 Dec 2004; Interior Design) A story about Isamu Noguchi mentions
  his friendship with Fuller

Site Updated 21 December 2004

  (21 Dec 2004; Lancaster Newspapers, Lancaster, PA) A story
  featuring J. Nathan Matias's sculpture Philadelphia Fullerine which
  is on display in the High Library at Elizabethtown College

Site Updated 19 December 2004

  (18 Dec 2004; The Japan Times, Japan) A review of two books about
  Noguchi mentions his encounter with Buckminster Fuller

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