[SNEC] Call for Presentations for SNEC Workshop on "Structure"

Chris Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 23:46:33 -0500

                Synergeticists of the NorthEast Corridor
                 SUNY Oswego, Department of Technology

              Present SNEC's Third Annual Summer Workshop

                      a two day hands-on workshop
    * * *                         on                          * * *

    Saturday 23 July 2004, 9AM - 5PM (Registration: 8 AM)
    Sunday   24 July 2004, 9AM - 5PM

    SUNY Oswego
    Department of Technology, Design Studio
    Wilber Hall, Design Studio, Room 350

Travel Directions

Workshop Fee:  $90 ($60 for students).

Representative Workshop Topics:
  Presentations should relate to the concept of structure in some way.
  We interpret the concept of structure in its broadest terms ("A
  structure is a self-stabilizing energy-event complex."  Synergetics,
  600.02).  Representative topics include architecture, model-building,
  atomic, molecular, and biological structures, theories of structure,
  mathematical structures, educational, business, social and political
  structures, etc.  Of course, some relationship to Synergetics ought
  to be included.

Call for Presentations:
  SNEC is seeking presentations for this summer's workshop on Structure.
  We are looking for several presentations for 2-3 hour activity-oriented
  workshops.  There will also be slots in the schedule for several
  shorter (45 minute) lecture-style presentations.  A review panel will
  make recommendations to help presenters adapt their concept for the
  facilities in Oswego and for the interests and background of likely
  SNEC participants.

  If you want to give a presentation please send the following documents
  to cjf@CJFearnley.com by the indicated due dates.

Statement of interest:  Due 1 March 2005
  The statement of interest should provide the title of the presentation,
  the amount of time needed, a preliminary estimate of costs for
  materials, and a paragraph long abstract describing the presentation.

Presentation Outline:  Due 1 June 2005  
  Include an updated "statement of interest" (including a "final"
  estimate of costs for materials) as well as a detailed outline of
  topics to be covered.

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