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Chris Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 23:12:07 -0500

I've updated the Buckminster Fuller In The News web page six times
since my last announcement.  Here again is the location of that web

News --- Updated 18 December 2004

   1. (18 Dec 2004; Independent, London, England, UK) Lord Foster, the
most successful architect in British history, was overwhelmed by the
worldview of Buckminster Fuller and his key buildings owe their design
ethos to Bucky

News --- Updated 16 December 2004

   1. (27 Jul 2004; Japan For Sustainability, JP) Plantation Thinnings
Used to Construct Giant Dome

News --- Updated 10 December 2004

   1. (10 Dec 2004; Guardian Unlimited Travel, UK) Simon Mills writes a
travelogue about Whitepod where you stay in a geodesic pod

News --- Updated 8 December 2004

   1. (7 Dec 2004; Conservatives.com, UK) Tim Yeo MP gives a speech that
quotes a whole paragraph from Buckminster Fuller

News --- Updated 7 December 2004

   1. (7 Dec 2004; The Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON, Canada) Broadcaster
Patrick Watson's autobiography discusses his friendship with Buckminster
Fuller and building his dome home

News --- Updated 6 December 2004

   1. (6 Dec 2004; Concord Monitor, Concord, NH) A review of the Henry
Ford Museum including the phrase "a particularly ingenious prefab house
designed by Buckminster Fuller"

   2. (1 Dec 2004; The Scotsman, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) An opinion
piece speculates on covering Scotland with a geodesic dome to improve
the weather

It is not for me to change you.  The question is, how can I be of service
to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom?
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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