[SNEC] Minutes of SNEC meeting of 21 Nov 2004

Chris Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 23:32:50 -0500

At the SNEC meeting of 21 November, Chris Fearnley, Jeannie Moberly, Joe
Clinton, John Kirk, and Roger Tobie were present.  Don Briddell joined
by conference call.

The following decisions were made (feedback from others is welcome)

1.  Create a new mailing list SNEC-planning@Synergeticists.org to
    help organize the planning of SNEC events.  Please go to
    to subscribe (or contact me).  This has already been implemented.

2.  Hold a small half-day event on Don Briddell's Structors at the
    artist's home during the weekend of 22/23 January.

3.  Hold a short one-day Symposium sometime during the early spring on
    the topic of "Synergetics and Art".
    * Jeannie and Joe volunteered to find a venue (can anyone help?)
    * A request for presentations needs to be pursued simultaneously
      with securing the venue to organize the program in time.

4.  The summer workshop at Oswego will be held July 23-24 on the theme
    of "Structure".
    * A request for presentations needs to be prepared within a few
      weeks.  Chris volunteered to present a draft to the SNEC-planning
      list within a few days.

5.  We decided that the face-to-face element is central to the SNEC
    idea.  Although most present liked the idea of on-line collaborative
    forums, we agreed to improve SNEC's web page to better link to such
    resources (such as BFI's new initiatives) but to keep SNEC focused
    on building a community interested in a broad interpretation of
    "Synergetics" by face-to-face meetings.

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