[SNEC] SNEC Organization Meeting: Sunday 21 November: 1-3PM

Chris Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 20:00:51 -0500

In order to plan our next events and better define SNEC's mission,
Jeannie and I will host an organizational meeting this Sunday.

If you cannot attend, please e-mail comments and thoughts about what you
would like to see SNEC become (see agenda for some questions to address).

When: Sunday, 21 November 2004, 11AM - 5PM
Location:  Near Philadelphia, PA (RSVP for directions)

11AM - 1PM --- Informal SNEC/Synergetics Discussion
1PM  - 2PM --- Discussion/Brainstorming on SNEC's goals and mission
               * What should "The Synergeticists" become (or think of a
                 better name)?  http://www.synergeticists.org
               * What should SNEC become (or think of a better name)?
               * How to accommodate interest for more frequent, less
                 formal meetings?
               * How to accommodate interest for larger meetings
                 to grow Synergetics in a significant way?
               * How to accommodate special interests when
                 Synergetics is inherently wholistic?
               * What types of meetings do people want?
               * What themes/subjects are people interested in?
2PM  - 3PM --- Define plan for SNEC's next Symposium and Workshop
               * define theme/subject for next events
               * define dates and venue for next events
               * define tasks for speaker's committee
               * define tasks for publicity committee
3PM  - 5PM --- Informal SNEC/Synergetics Discussion

Please RSVP.

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