[SNEC] Tensegrity Structures Workshop July 24-25 in Oswego, NY

Chris Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:01:16 -0400

                   Synergeticists of the NorthEast Corridor
                    SUNY Oswego, Department of Technology

                     Present a two day hands-on workshop
       * * *                          on                          * * *   

                            Tensegrity Structures

    Saturday 24 July 2004, 9AM - 9PM (Registration: 8 AM)
    Sunday   25 July 2004, 9AM - 5PM

Registration: http://snec.synergeticists.org/registration.html
    (Please register now so we can order sufficient supplies for
     model building).

    Contact John Belt <belt@oswego.edu> to make housing
    arrangements. Available housing is limited, so make arrangements
    now. Oswego's Harborfest <http://www.oswegoharborfest.com> runs during
    the Workshop weekend, so housing may be challenging if arrangements
    are not made now but there will be fun for the whole family.

    SUNY Oswego
    Department of Technology, Design Studio
    Wilber Hall, Design Studio, Room 350

Travel Directions

Exhibit Space
    Exhibit space will be available for showing artifacts. Space
    must be reserved by July 1. To make arrangements for space,
    send a request with the dimensions of your piece(s) to John Belt
    <belt@oswego.edu>. Please bring a card with a brief description of
    your work for display in the exhibit area.

Workshop Presentations
    Roger Tobie --- The Laws of Tensile-Integrity Form
    Marvin Solit and Stuart Quimby --- T Formation Post and Rail Method For
           Building Tensegrities
    Don Briddell --- Structor Geometry
    Jeannie Moberly --- Circus of ``Impossible'' Structures
           (Participants are welcome to bring failed or bizarre
            models of less than 3" for inclusion)
    Francois Gabriel --- Beyond the Cube, The Architecture of Space Frames and
    Joe Clinton
    Don Richter
    - Synergeticists of the NorthEast Corridor
    - SUNY Oswego, Department of Technology

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