[SNEC] Symposium on Cosmic Fishing March 20th and 21st

Chris Fearnley cjf@cjfearnley.com
Tue, 9 Mar 2004 14:57:14 -0500

Important News:
 * Note:  The Panel Discussion will start promptly at 1 PM on Saturday.
   Registration will open at 12 noon on Saturday.
 * GWU security requires your name to be on file for access to the building:
   If you haven't registered yet, either fill out the form at
   http://www.cjfearnley.com/snec/registration.html or send e-mail to
   registrations@SNEC.CJFearnley.com before March 17th !!!
 * The SNEC website has updated information including
   - A schedule of speakers
   - Some suggestions for accommodations:

                   Synergeticists of the NorthEast Corridor
                         George Washington University

                         Present a two day Symposium

                                    * * *

                               Cosmic Fishing:
                  Exploring Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics

                                    * * *

See http://www.cjfearnley.com/snec/ for more information.

    Registration begins at 12 Noon on Saturday.
    Saturday 28 June 2003, 9AM - 9PM
    Sunday 29 June 2003, 9AM - 5PM

    George Washington University
    Melvin Gelman Library
    2130 H Street NW
    Washington, DC 20052


Exhibit Space:
    Exhibit space will be available for showing artifacts. To make
    arrangements for space, send a request with the dimensions of your
    piece(s) to Blaine D'Amico <damico@gwu.edu>. Please bring a card
    with a brief description of your work for display in the exhibit area.

Pre-registration at this event is required.

On-line Registration:  http://www.cjfearnley.com/snec/registration.html
    If you have trouble with the form, send e-mail to

Event Flyer:  http://www.cjfearnley.com/snec/snec.poster.wsp2004.pdf

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