[SNEC] Talk: Synergetics in Technology Education -- October 30/31, 2003

Chris Fearnley cjf@CJFearnley.com
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 11:02:01 -0400

Topic:  Synergetics in Technology Education
Who:    Joe Clinton & John Belt
Where:  SUNY Oswego Annual Fall Technology Conference
URL:    http://www.fallconference.com/
When:   October 30/31 (final time TBD)

A brief description will be given about workshops, meetings, courses of
study and lesson material resources that can be used to integrate the
principles of Synergetics into Technology Education.  An introduction to
Buckminster Fuller's subjects on 'Synergetics' will be given along with a
brief description of  the newly formed organization SNEC (Synergeticists
of the North East Corridor).  A workshop on Geodesics, conducted at SUNY
Oswego in June 2003 will be reviewed as an example of future workshops.
A sample packet of lesson materials will be distributed along with sample
materials produced for the June 2003 workshop on Geodesics.

A proposed graduate level, continuing education course on Design Science
will be discussed.

Exhibit space will be available for those who want to show their work.
Contact John Belt <belt@oswego.edu> for details.


John and Joe are planning additional SNEC related gatherings in Oswego
for the Saturday following the Conference: volunteers and participants are
needed.  One key gathering will be to help plan the Winter SNEC meeting.
Those who want to help organize the Winter meeting are encouraged to come.
Please contact John Belt <belt@oswego.edu>.

Anyone who would like to present a short discussion or give a presentation
on new material contact John <belt@oswego.edu> so that arrangements
can be made for the Saturday get-togethers.


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