[SNEC] Video tapes from Oct. meeting

Bonnie DeVarco devarco@cruzio.com
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:17:28 -0800

Hi Stuart,

I had noted to Russell that the best approach is to select highlights of the
two days and stream them in 15 minute or 1/2 hour segments.  What needs to
be done is to select and edit best segments of the tapes (esp. the early
main presentations), digitizing them and then compressing them for the
server.  Telascience server can handle serving but they might make better
sense on your site.  RealVid server can do 25 simultaneous viewers using
their no charge server software, Quicktime is larger and different pricing
structure for server end so if you do not already have capability you would
need to think of that.  Serving is less of a prob then getting the vids
digital and into manageable compressed segments.  I offered to go through
and select on my end here (in spare time) if we can pay the modest fees to
compress them and get them web ready (I have colleagues i could go to for
that).  It makes no sense to serve 5 full hours of something in thick files
with only a small group accessing so I veer toward suggesting smaller
packages, better presented.



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> I think streaming video is the best use, makes them available to all.  If
> Bonnie will get back to me with file sizes for the streaming video, this
> be something we can host at our site.
> Stuart
> On Monday 04 November 2002 02:05 pm, Russell Chu wrote:
> > There are 5 tapes in VHS format from the October 6th meeting. We are
> > for thoughts of what to do with them and where to archive them. Bonnie
> > offered to make it available through streaming video from their site in
> > Please let me know your ideas.
> > Russ
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