[SNEC] Selecting the topic; inviting speakers

Chris Fearnley Chris@CJFearnley.com
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 23:07:07 -0500

I suggest the following topic/theme for the meeting on January 25-26:

    A Fuller Explanation:  Building on Amy Edmondson's Explanation of
              The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller

Any suggestions for improvement?

We need to solicit speakers for six 45 minute presentations (or four 45
minute presentations and four 20 minute presentations).  Here are the
presentation subjects for which I think we should solicit speakers:

1.  Keynote Talk on Synergetic Geometry (I will offer this slot to Amy)
2.  Geodesic Domes
3.  Tensegrity
4.  The Vector Equilibrium / IVM
5.  The Jitterbug  And/Or Design Science

(Look at a copy of Amy's table of contents for other reasonable

Since we would like to expand our base with new names & faces, several
speakers should be drawn from outside our current group.

Who should we invite to speak on each of the above topics?
Who should we invite independent of topic?

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