[SNEC] Updated version of the R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ is released

Chris Fearnley Chris@CJFearnley.com
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:08:06 -0500

Version 1.4 of the R. Buckminister Fuller FAQ is now available at

Partial list of improvements since version 1.3:
 - All URL references should now work.
 - Section 7 documenting Net Resources is vastly improved
 - Many new Dome Manufacturers with updated phone, address & URL info
 - Tweaks correcting a few miscellaneous things have been made
 - A few links and references have been added and a few (that are no
   longer valid) have been removed.

A printable version is available at

SGML source code for older versions of the FAQ are available at
  http://www.CJFearnley.com/fuller-faq.11.sgml (1 August 1998)
  http://www.CJFearnley.com/fuller-faq.12.sgml (1 April 1999)
  http://www.CJFearnley.com/fuller-faq.13.sgml (10 May 1999)
  http://www.CJFearnley.com/fuller-faq.14.sgml (6 November 2002)

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