[SNEC] Planning the January 25-26th Synergetics Meeting

Chris Fearnley Chris@CJFearnley.com
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 12:06:25 -0400


Design Science Toys, Ltd and SNEC (Synergeticists of the NorthEast
Corridor) are proud to announce the next meeting for Synergeticists to
be held January 25-26 in Tivoli, NY.  This meeting will be open to the
general public.  Please see the SNEC website for details:

The main meeting room (in the facility that Design Science Toys is
providing free of charge for our meeting) is 1200 square foot and we
estimate can seat 100 people comfortably.  I will be ecstatic if we get
50 people to come to NY in the cold, wintery month of January.  Not to
mention college will be in session.

At this time, announcement and discussion is restricted to this private,
moderated mailing list and the Design Science EastCoastConference Wiki
at http://dstoys.org/cmf/projects/EastCoastConference

Right now, this mailing list consists of 14 people (only those who were
invited to the Oct 6th meeting).  Let us know if other people should be
involved in the planning, pre-public announcement portion of our

We need to decide (at least) three issues before making a public

 1.  The theme for the meeting

     Suggestions to get the ball rolling (remember: this will be the
     first public Synergetics meeting in a long time):
       a.  A Cross-Section (Survey) of Current Work in Synergetics
       b.  Tensegrity Principles & Structures
       c.  Synergetics Crystallography
       d.  The Vector Equilibrium & IVM:  Applications and Recent Research 
       e.  Synergetics and Education
       f.  Design Science and Synergetics
       g.  Synergetics and Architecture (or Housing)
       h.  Synergetics and Humanity's Option for Success
       i.  Another theme/topic?

 2.  Who might we ask to give each of the one hour and forty-five minute
     presentations?  Who might we ask to give each of the four twenty
     minute presentations?  See the proposed schedule listed on the SNEC
     website http://SNEC.CJFearnley.com

     Note:  only 6 presentations (2 long, 4 short) are part of the
     current plans.  Unless someone has a better idea, of course.  Also,
     note that lots of time for getting to know each other is provided.
     Is my suggestion too far in the opposite direction from the Oct
     6 meeting?  Another option is 4 fifty minute and 4 twenty minute
     presentations.  Comments are needed.

 3.  Who will pay for the costs of renting equipment?  Do we charge a
     modest "admissions" fee?  How much?  Russell, Stuart, and I have our
     current thoughts laid out at

We want to hold the discussion in the Design Science
EastCoastConference Wiki at

Just click on the "Comments" link at the top of any page in which you
want to make a comment.  You have to make an account first.  If you need
help, send e-mail to Stuart <stuq@dstoys.com>.

Please review these materials soon as we want to make a public
announcement as soon as possible.

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